This is my 10th yoga retreat offering at The Farm of Life, and it has been described as a life changing retreat. It is hard to describe the beauty, magic and transformation that takes place at the Farm of Life, you just have to experience it! Vitality (or ‘Ojas’ in Sanskrit), refers to our deepest strength – our ability to live and thrive. This very unique yoga adventure retreat offers much more than a vacation – the 8 days helps to open your heart, tap into your inner power and bring you new energy and vitality.  This is an opportunity to do transformational work and invest in your health and wellness while basking in the beauty of Costa Rica’s nature. Find more joy, more spontaneity and the will to ENLIVEN! The retreat is a balance between self healing and adventure. Between reiki sessions, massage therapy, yoga, meditation and nourishing food there’s tropical jungle hikes, waterfall swimming, beach trips, surfing, flying trapeze, horseback riding and so much more! Escape the winter blues by both flourishing and rejuvenating with us on our Vitality Adventure Yoga Retreat. Give yourself the gift of rejuvenation!!

When:Jan. 26th-Feb. 2nd 2018

Where: Farm of Life, Costa Rica in the Southwest Costal Region, near the Pacific Ocean and halfway between Dominical and San Isidro.


All Inclusive:

  • Accommodations 7 nights at Finca de Vida
  • Round Trip San Jose Transfer: Bus leaving Aeroport Hotel in SJ at 7 a.m Jan. 26th, bus leaving Farm of Life Feb. 2nd 10a.m
  • Vegetarian Meals: Raw/Ayurvedic-Gluten Free
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner … Click HERE for a sample menu
  • 1 Reiki per Guest with reiki master Brian Calvi. Brian moves light and energy through you, while you simply relax, breath, let go and allow the energy points to release.  Energetic blocks will be cleared, leaving you energetically clear and open.
  • Farm Tour with Health Education Integrated(Prana Tour)
  •  Sound Therapy sessions: uses the Gong and Tibetan Signing Bowls to invoke a deep state of relaxation. Meditating on the subtle sounds and vibrations of the bowls opens and harmonizes the chakras, while the Gong vibrates across the spectrum of creation, Om. Sound therapy sessions assists in entering into meditation, has a centering effect and synchronizes left/right brain.
  • Mid Week Laundry Service
  • 1 Raw Food Demonstration from Farm’s Chef
  • Awakening the Senses Workshop
  • Authentic Full Moon Cacao Ceremony with Ecstatic Dance. Cacao is a food of the Gods!  Our wise Aztec and Mayan ancestors knew of the sacred medicinal properties of Cacao and they consumed it abundantly in their royal courts and for ceremony. We create a uniquely profound ceremonial experience for you by bringing together the cacao medicine with divinely-inspired purification rituals, meditation, healing touch, and Ecstatic Dance to assist in opening the heart and spirit.
  • Daily Yoga with Andrea Robertson. Style of classes include:Vinyasa flow, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Meditation
  • Qigong session with Jody Calvi. Qigong class emphasizes self-healing, chi (energy) cultivation, joint mobility, inner alchemy, gentle circular movements and meditative breathing. It balances Yin-Yang and the 5 Elements, detoxifies the skin, brain, and internal organs, nourishes the joints, optimizes immunity, rejuvenates and increases vitality.
  • Introduction guided Sunrise sun-gazing with Brian Calvi. Sungazing is an ancient Egyptian and Mayan practice where the gazer cycles earth and solar energies and receives innumerable healing benefits.
  • Use of amenities at Farm of Life including Vitality Cool pools, Chemical free Infinite Pool, Jungle gym & Walking trail hikes, Morning and Evening Sungazing Vortex, Wifi
  • Vapassana, also known as silence meditation. We will be having a half a day to retreat in solitude honouring a day in silence, an opportunity to be present with yourself! Silence will be begin before yoga and break at lunch.

Tours with Transfer(Included)

  • Hike to Nauyaca Falls, rated one of the top 10 Best Waterfalls in the World!
  • Jewel of the Sun Hikes:Hike to Big Rock and waterfalls
  • 2 Beach days to stunning beaches! Optional Surfing on beach days(additional cost for surfing)
  • Diamente Waterfall and Hike + Overnight in Caves with Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast and Yoga
  • Afternoon at Peach Falls,most beautiful local waterfall and swimming hole with lunch included at a local Costa Rican family’s home


The retreat menu will delight and awaken your taste buds from breakfast to dinner. Exotic tropical fruit, fresh greens and herbs from the green house and local produce will be the highlight of our meals. Farm of Life Chefs will prepare healthy, delicious and all natural meals, served buffet style, featuring a blend of raw, ayurvedic and cooked vegetarian cuisine. All meals are free of gluten and dairy; eggs will be served some mornings. Enjoy tropical fruit, fresh coconuts, natural spring water and medicinal teas throughout the day! Smoothies, Coconut water and coffee will be served in the mornings before Yoga….smiles there’s coffee 🙂


“I have been training with Andrea in various capacities for over a decade. Initially drawn to her creative and strong yoga practice, I have attended her classes regularly and followed her from studio to studio as her career progressed. I have come to find in her an incredibly inspiring spirit – her positivity, encouragement and vitality have emboldened me to move towards a more clarified, authentic way of being myself. Having attended several of her retreats (Costa Rica and Wolfe Island), I can attest to the care and consideration she takes in planning them, and in the transformative experience they can bring. Andrea knows when to push and when to soften, and takes genuine joy in seeing her students progress. A mentor and a friend, I have utmost gratitude for having her in my life.” -Rhiannon Vogl


costa rica pool    One of Farm of Life’s amazing features: Chemical Free Infinity Pool

Trek 1.5-2 hours up winding trails amongst the pristine cloud forest and rainforest overlooking spectacular pacific coastal views to this incredible jewel of the jungle, “Diamante Verde” (Green Diamond), where surrounded by 1,200 feet of cascading waterfalls, you will find the “Casa de Piedra” (House of Stone) or as the locals call it “The Cave”. Once inhabited by indigenous people, this amazing open air cavern is set behind twin 85-foot waterfalls and features a full size kitchen and comfortable sleeping quarters. Activities while at the cave include hiking to crystal swimming pools, cliff jumping, and exploring nearby trails! Invigorate your sense of adventure. This is a nature tour with some of our favourite guides who are experts at the local plants, medicinal, culinary and poisonous.


Costa Rica has plenty of stunning waterfalls but probably the most spectacular are the Nauyaca.  Set in the tropical rainforest, with two sets of falls measuring a combined 61 meters (200 feet) tall and a large natural pool for swimming, Nauyaca is the ideal place, not only for those in search of tranquility and nature, but also for adventure and excitement lovers.

Jewel of the Sun 


Jewel of the Sun (La Joya del Sol) is our backyard playground. Hike from Farm of Life to this neighboring farm.  Enjoy various walking trails and destinations to waterfalls, swimming holes and Avatar rock.  An exhilarating workout. Duration 3-5 hours.

Flying Trapeze


Airborne Arts features a professional trapeze rig in our village, just a 10-minute drive. First-timers learn the knee-hang and nearly always also get caught by the catcher too. Very well facilitated by coach Jonathon and you are harnessed in safely. Face your fears, hear your self-talk, challenge yourself to new levels and experience the thrill of flying!

Horseback Riding

Ride the local dirt roads on horseback with Rancho Tranquilo. Enjoy the tranquilo ambience of local village life as you stroll, trot and gallop through the neighborhood atop one their gorgeous, well-mannered horses. $60 per person.  Duration 3 hours.

Hacienda Baru Nature Preserve

Hacienda Baru Nature Preserve is a coastal wildlife refuge (45-min drive). We often visit their beach for the sheer tranquility and beauty of it.  Their campus also offers fun eco-tours, including a medium-thrill zipline, a butterfly garden and more.

Toucan & Macaw (2 sets of Bunk Beds, sleeps 4 people, Balcony, Private Bathroom)

Toucan and Macaw are bunk rooms that can each accommodate up to 4-people. Perched on a hillside, the decks overlook a lush, green valley and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. Frequent sightings of Hawks’ adrift on the air currents and Toucans. There are two side-by-side rooms – the Toucan and Macaw rooms. Each room has 2 sets of bunk beds, a private indoor bathroom and balcony with hammock and rocking chairs. Fully equipped with electricity, hot showers, flush toilets, ceiling fans, screen windows and Wifi.

  • Sharing $1799 USD each

toucan - costa rica retreat

Monkey House & Coconut House (2 Queen Beds in each House, Private Balcony, Private Bathroom and Private Outdoor Shower.


Our premier, family-style accommodations are stunningly beautiful and have epic views of the surrounding mountains and to the distant Pacific Ocean. Each cabin has a pair of queen beds, walk-in closet, private bathroom, outdoor shower and balcony with hammocks and rocking chairs. They are fully equipped with electricity, hot showers, flush toilets, ceiling fans, screen windows, canopied bed and Wifi. The balcony has a child-friendly banister. The outdoor showers are an exotic experience. In Casa Mono, the Deity shower backs up to the forest, where monkeys and birds may be peeking in on you. In Casa Coco, the spiral shower with painted jungle murals is it’s own world. These two cabins are located closest to the Yoga Rancho than anywhere else.  It is a 5-minute downhill walk from these cabins to the Dining Hall.

  • Private $2,499.99 USD
  • Sharing $2,099,99 USD each

Monkey & Coconut Houses

Cabin by the Orchard: The Ylang Ylang Room and the Sacred Ceiba

Cabin in the Orchard is settled in a fruit orchard and surrounded by Ylang Ylang trees. This lovely accommodation is built entirely of wood – gorgeous purple heart and cedar – with large windows and French doors. This cabin has 2 side-by-side rooms – The Ylang Ylang room and the Sacred Ceiba room. The rooms have either a king bed or 2 twin beds, and can be single or double occupancy. Each room has a private entrance and a private outdoor bathroom with shower. Guests enjoy showering under the stars, surrounded by Bougainvillea blooms. A spacious front porch connects both rooms and commands a direct view of the evening sunsets. Fully equipped with electricity, hot water, flush toilets, ceiling fans, screened windows and Wifi. These balconies do not have hammocks, and do have a child-friendly banister.

Semi-Private (Double Occupancy-2 single beds) : $1,899.99 U.S

Cabin in the Orchard

Butterfly Suite (Queen Bed, Balcony, Private Bathroom)

A charming and private bungalow for the romantic getaway. Perched on a hillside overlooking the deep green jungle of the Bora Canyon Nature Preserve. Awake to the enchanting sounds of tropical birds, the distant voice of the howler monkeys, and the gentle warmth of the sun rising over the mountains. This room has a queen bed, private indoor bathroom and outdoor balcony with hammock and rocking chairs. Fully equipped with electricity, hot shower, flush toilets, ceiling fans, screen windows, canopied-bed and Wifi. The balcony does not have a banister and is not child-friendly, unless you keep your child off of the balcony

  • Semi Private(double occupancy:couple or friends sharing bed): $1,899,99 US per person

Buterfly Suite

Additional Expenses:

  • Return Flights to San Jose. Arrive in San Jose by Jan. 25th, transportation to retreat leaves at 7 a.m Jan. 26th. Book flights home from SJ Feb 3rd, retreat ends Feb.2nd, transfer back to SJ by 5p.m. (Flight Cost range from $700-$950 CAN dollars, book with Sky Scanner or Expedia for best flight deals) + Travel/Medical Insurance
  • Lunch at Restaurant ($25 US)
  • Optional HorseBack $60 US
  • Massages ($70 US for 75 minutes ) Topher is our massage therapist offers a polarity-balancing, trigger-point massage that is divine!
  • Surf Lessons + Surf Board Rentals ($65 US) on Dominical Beach
  • Flying Trapeze $65 (in my opinion an absolute must!)
  • Staff Gratuity
  • Gift Purchases

Surfing Dominical
Costa Rica surf is some of the best in the world. Join us in heart of the Costa Rican rainforest along the shores of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast in Dominical – where the mountains meet the sea. Whether it’s the first time you’re dipping your big toe in the ocean or you’ve been surfing for years, you will walk away an improved and more complete surfer.


Imagine flying out on a flying trapeze overlooking a magnificent waterfall. Come experience a totally new kind of adventure with us.  Our flying trapeze sessions offer you – yes I’m talking to you –  an incredible thrill, a meaningful bonding experience, and a chance to discover that you are capable of so much more than you imagined. Participants are secured in safety harnesses at all times. Our coaches are trained and overseen by Jonathon Conant, founder of Trapeze School New York. TSNY is the industry’s pioneer and international leader in the field.



Registration/Payment Instructions:
  1. Complete our REGISTRATION FORM

  2. Payment methods:
    • Cheque or money transfer payments (a $2 fee for money transfers will apply) … contact Andrea to make arrangements; or
    • If you are paying with Canadian funds, please note the exchange rate.

*Please note refunds(minus the deposit) can be issued up to 60 days prior to start of retreat. No refunds will be given after Dec.26th 2017.